At The Lounge

NYPB Will have something for each type of gamer that walks in

pc gaming.jpg

Competitive Gaming

Our rows of high end gaming computers allow players looking for high skilled matches to form teams and compete for prizes and leader board bragging rights.

table top gaming pic.jpg

TableTop & Board gaming

Our growing collection from nostalgic board games to popular modern ones offer players the chance  to try out or play popular games without having to spend chunks of hard earned cash to play a game once only to find its not what their into.


In House Role-Playing campaigns

Our in house group of DM's can help you set up a meeting time for new players who want to try out a RPG. Or If your current group wants to host your campaign nights someplace that isn't your parents basement (see what we did there) we can arrange a time for it.

Casual Consoles

Those who are looking for something less competitive and more relaxed can use our console stations with a group of friends all on one screen. 

Live Stream commentary

Our local casters will be commentating on events happening at the lounge so even when you cant make it to an event you can still be part of the action watching live online.


Podcast Nights

We work with local gamer groups who enjoy talking about news within the Gamer/Nerd world. If you have a podcast group that is involved with gaming, Contact us.