• NYPB Gaming Lounge (map)
  • 410 Main Street
  • Racine, WI, 53403
  • United States

Super Smash Bros for Wii u Tournament at NYPB Gaming Lounge in Racine Wisconsin. 410 main street.

$10 entry
unlimited smash play untill tournament starts and after it finishes. 
minimum 4 players needed.

Sign up starts at 4pm
friendlies 4pm-6pm
final registration 7pm-7:45pm
singles tournament starts: 8:00pm
doubles tournament starts after singles is finilized.

Winner will receive a cash prize based on number of players.
8+ players
1st - 60%
2nd - 30%
3rd - $2 store credit

less than 8 players it is winner take all.

Brackets will be double elimination if 8 or more players. Round robin if less than 8
matches will be best of 3
finals will be best of 5